As time goes by, we’ve always been dedicated to adapting to the innovation of beauty spa treatments, which have been elevated in the safest way possible.

Not only we are trained to help with detoxifying the body and mind with services such as Ear Candling, Massage, and Cryotherapy, but our wide range of treatments also include Non-Invasive Body Contouring, Teeth Whitening, and V-Steam.

Body Contouring Services

We have great knowledge and the best techniques to shape, contour, and break down unwanted fat. All of our services are non-invasive, pain-free, needle-free, clinically proven, and safe.

Laser lipo is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that uses a laser to melt away fat under the skin. It’s also called laser lipolysis.

Laser lipo is typically used for removing fat from the stomach, face, thighs, calves, hips, and back. However, people with certain conditions are usually not considered good candidates for laser lipo. These conditions include acute diseases, infectious diseases, heart disease, pregnancy, and malignancy. Keep in mind that this procedure isn’t meant to treat obesity.

Laser lipo offers many benefits over traditional liposuction. This type of treatment uses laser energy to burn fat, which is then metabolically removed from the body through natural means. There is no suctioning involved as there is with traditional liposuction, leading to a lower risk of complications. Laser lipo is also much less invasive, resulting in a lower risk of scarring. Laser lipo also provides less downtime than traditional, usually about two days compared to up to 10 days for traditional liposuction.

Ultrasonic cavitation, or ultrasound cavitation, is a cosmetic procedure that’s used to break apart fat deposits in your body. The treatment claims to work as an effective, less invasive alternative to liposuction.

This procedure is a safer alternative to surgical options, like liposuction. The treatment uses ultrasonic radio waves to break apart fat cells, which are then absorbed into your body by your lymphatic system.

Ultrasonic cavitation is different than other similar treatments, like ultrasound liposuction, because it doesn’t require any incisions. This means recovery is easier. It also means that results might be less noticeable.

Ultrasonic cavitation is also frequently performed on the:

Upper arms
Thigh areas

Radiofrequency (RF) Therapy is a nonsurgical and noninvasive skin tightening and anti-aging treatment.

During RF treatment, current flows from the electrodes of an RF device into your skin, heating the tissues beneath to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

RF skin tightening is considered to be very safe; the only common side effect is mild to moderate pain during treatment.

RF skin tightening requires no downtime or post-treatment skincare.

Wood therapy is a dynamic massage technique that uses wooden, portable tools like rolling pins and vacuum-suction cups to manipulate target areas.

It dates back thousands of years to eastern cultures who, with their great expertise, studied the use of wood components in different physical healing methods such as muscular pains, vitality, and mental equilibrium.

Wood Therapy is a safe and effective method of body contouring that does not damage the skin or tissue. Each instrument is designed to be used in a specific location of the body. The treatment mitigates double chins and activates the lymphatic system, which aids in the drainage of face fat.

What Is Localized Cryo Therapy?

Cosmetic Therapy Treatments, Pain Management,  Inflammation Reduction Treatments, and Wellness Treatments with a device that has a variety of changeable attachments which connect to CO2 gas. This incredible device is the first to offer such a variety of treatments while providing non-invasive, painless, and overall lasting results. The time duration for these treatments is about  3 to 9 minutes weekly or bi-weekly allowing our clients to receive the ultimate result in minimal time. The specialists promptly and efficiently reduce the body temperature of the target area as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit to achieve the maximum results for Cool Cosmetic Therapy Treatments and 40 degrees Fahrenheit for Pain Management & Inflammation Reduction Treatments.


Cryo Body-Sculpting

Also known as “fat freezing” is the process by which you shape the body through targeted adipose tissue freezing. The skin’s surface is painlessly cooled to 0-4°C (39°F) in seconds, destroying underlying fat cells which are then digested by the body’s waste management system without damaging any other tissue. This dynamic treatment for stubborn fat helps you lose inches and you will see immediate results. Time duration for this sculpting treatment is about 6-8 minutes and can be continued up to 6 months.


Cryo facials are a compelling way to tighten and brighten the skin. They also boost blood flow to the face. During this treatment, a device will be pumping liquid nitrogen onto the face. Which will result in smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, nose, mouth, and neck. Treatments take 30 seconds to 2 minutes. This treatment will leave the client’s skin immediately firm, securing the pores, and leaving the skin glowing.

Skin Tightening

Cryo T-Shock machine performs thermal shock by alternating between hot and cold temperatures. Which will result in recapturing elasticity and tight skin while producing collagen. In case you are looking to tighten skin from pregnancy, weight loss, or even aging, this treatment will get the job done.

Cellulite Smoothing

Cellulite is compressed through a sequence of fat cells and increases collagen production. This will result in a plumping effect, that will leave the skin smooth and diminish the appearance of cellulite.

Psoriasis and Eczema

With these autoimmune conditions, you can show signs and even experience symptoms such as redness, dryness, and itchiness. With this treatment, the pain can automatically be reduced without side effects.


At -40°C (-40°F), the cool compresses provide a soothing and efficient therapeutic method for relaxing and softening tight muscles.

Mood and Energy Boost

Applying cold vapor to the scalp and areas of the spine triggers the vagus nerve. Which is part of the body’s “rest and digest” system. This treatment stimulation has evidence of benefits for depression and mental wellbeing.


Yesotherapy is a weight-loss method that uses plaster structures, specifically a girdle, to wrap the abdomen, compact it entirely. The pressure causes the body to eliminate the fat in a short period, naturally and gradually.

Originating in Japan, but perfected in Colombia, the fat-loss method’s main objective is to wrap areas of the body containing stubborn fat with lipolytic plaster bandages to burn fat and reduce the size of that particular area. Yesotherapy is also useful in reducing stretch marks and cellulite.

Endermotherapy is a mechanized, negative pressure, therapeutic massage modality that was first developed in France. 

This therapy helps to release tension in the muscle tissue fibers and forces lactic acid removal, helping to downsize or offset delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). 

An Endermotherapy session can be 30 or 60 minutes long and is well-suited for sports training, detoxifying, or a quick, relaxing massage. Each session is tailored to your needs and goals, which may include improved sports performance, pain relief, or improved circulation & energy.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that improves muscle building and fat burning. Since no surgery is required for these treatments, there is little to no expected downtime.

Electromagnetic energy forces the muscles in the treated area to contract. It is similar to how voluntary contractions of muscle work, but on an extreme level. The device thus takes over the body’s natural ability to contract the muscles and does so to a much stronger extent.

These are called supramaximal muscle contractions, contractions that are impossible to without the device. When using EMS, your body’s muscles will contract 20,000 times in one 30 minute session. That is the equivalent of doing 20,000 crunches or squats in a single session.

The muscle tissue then has to respond to these extreme conditions it is experiencing. So, it starts to remodel its inner structure. Muscles must feed on local calories and fat to endure the contractions. The end result is that fat is lost and muscle is gained.

This treatment targets stubborn cellulite and fat deposits in areas of your concern.

This treatment is non-invasive so you can go about your regular routine right after. A series of different machines will be used. One area only.

Vacuum therapy for butt enhancement is a non-invasive technique that helps to lift your butt using a mechanical device equipped with suction cups.

Vacuum therapy is also known as vacuotherapy and depressomassage. Aside from purportedly offering similar effects to those of a surgical butt lift, the procedure is also sometimes used to mimic a traditional breast lift.

Certain forms of vacuum therapy are also used for the treatment of cellulite.


Detox Services

Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle infusion of warm filtered water into the large intestines, using a small disposable nozzle.  The warm water helps to soften, break up then remove impacted and dehydrated fecal, mucoid, parasitic, and other waste material that layer the intestinal walls.  Your dignity is always respectfully maintained with proper draping in a private room.  There is no offensive odor or mess to worry about.  Do Not eat 2 hours prior to your appointment.  Please drink 2-3 liters of purified water. 

Colon Hydrotherapy Benefits:

Improving mental outlook
Improving the immune system
Losing waste weight
Reducing the risk of colon cancer
Relief from headaches
Skin Tightening
Relief from gas, bloating, and constipation
Less Fatigue
Improve Range of Motion  

Helps Alleviate:

Bad Breath
Blood pressure
Menstrual discomfort
Dark circles under eyes
Coated tongue
Cold hands and feet

V-Steaming, also known as yoni steaming, is an alternative health treatment whereby a woman squats or sits over steaming water containing herbs such as mugwort, rosemary, wormwood, and basil. It has been practiced in Africa, Asia, and Central America.

Benefits include:

Cleansing the vagina
Reducing cramps
Treating bacteria/yeast
Maintaining healthy odor
Strengthening womb/vagina
Increasing sexual desire/wetness

The Ionic foot detox is a painless and efficient way to remove toxic accumulations from the body.

The EB Pro unit generates a mix of positive and negative ions which attach themselves to the oppositely charged toxic particles and draw them out of the body through the pores of the feet.  It balances the body’s energy level which in turn provides you more vitality.  In addition to, balancing the body’s energy levels it optimizes the central nervous system functionality.

Invigorating and Herbal Foot Soak is a natural treatment that lavishly conditions, softens, and revitalizes overworked feet while relieving swelling to provide comfort.

This soothing foot soak will reduce inflammation, draw out toxins, relieve aches and pains to combat cramping and soreness, improve circulation, prevent and treat dry, rough, scaly, itchy feet and hydrate the skin.  

Infrared Sauna is a Detox tool to help relieve symptoms and as a preventative tool to increase overall health, vitality, and resistance to disease. Sweat carries toxins out of the body and pushes them through the pores.  Sweating helps the body release heat and keeps your internal core temperature as consistent as needed. Sweat glands are distributed over the majority of the human body.

Benefits include:

Burns calories
Relieves aches/pains
Breaks down fat & cellulite
Increases blood flow
Promotes weight/inch loss

There are 5 invigorating full-body massages that we offer, and those are:

Swedish Massage
Most common massage for relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage
Used for pain or troubled areas that involves Sports pain or stress-related

Hot Stone Massage
Helps with relaxation and ease tense muscles. The stone warms up the muscle so they can be worked on certain pressure points or problem areas.

Acupressure Massage
This massage is a lot like acupuncture except instead of needles, we use fingers. This is used to relieve a variety of symptoms and pain.

Raindrop Massage
A process of applying a therapeutic essential oil to the client’s neck, spine, and feet

The Fit Bodywrap system is a revitalizing full-body sauna wrap treatment that cocoons you in soothing far-infrared heat. Infrared heat works by warming the body from the inside out to raise core body temperature, increase metabolic rate, shrink fat cells and encourage the production of sweat. Infrared heat therapy not only feels good, but it’s also good for your body. Burn up to 1400 calories in one session. Sessions in the Fit Bodywrap truly make you look, feel, and live better.

Benefits include:

Burns calories
Relieves aches/pains
Breaks down fat & cellulite
Increases blood flow
Promotes weight/inch loss

Ear Candling is a safe, simple, non-invasive natural cleansing method for the ears. This process uses long hollow all-natural beeswax Ear Candles to loosen and help the body release earwax and other debris from the ear canal.

This relaxing treatment improves mental clarity and balances fluids that may cause headaches and migraines.

Whiten your teeth in as little as 30 minutes.  We offer several regular teeth whitening sessions and our most advanced 24 KT Whitening sessions.