Full Body Massage 

Sweden Massage– Most common massage more for relaxation.
Deep Tissue Massage- is used for pain or troubled areas. Sport pain or stress related
Hot Stone Massage– Help with relaxation and ease tense muscles. The stone warm up the muscle so they can be worked on certain pressure points or problem areas
Acupressure Massage– is a lot like acupuncture except instead of needles, we use fingers. This is used to relieve a variety of symptoms and pain.
Raindrop Massage– is a process of applying therapeutic essential oil to the clients neck, spine and feet


Full Body Sweden Massage (1 HR @ $70.00)
Hot Stone Massage (1 HR @ $70.00)
Rainfall Massage w/ Essential oils (1 HR @ $70.00)
Acupressure Massage (1 HR @ $70.000
Full Body Sweden Massage (30 MINS @ $40.00)
Hot Stone Massage ( 3o MINS @ $40.00)
Acupressure Massage (30 MINS @ $40.00)
Rainfall Massage W/ Essential Oils (3o MINS @ $40.00)