Body Contouring

Wood Therapy
Wood Therapy is a natural and effective treatment that uses wooden tools to sculpt, redefine, reduce cellulite and promote weight loss. The wooden tools are massaged on the treated areas with pressure to breakdown stubborn fat and cellulite, which is then eliminated naturally through your body.
Benefits: Natural, Non-Invasive, Activates lymphatic system, Breaks down cellulite, Speeds up metabolism, Contours the body, Reduces water retention & removes toxins

Body Wrap

Detox Herbal Wrap
DETOX AND SWEAT OFF UNWANTED INCHES. A calorie burning and detoxifying process that slims, tones, defines, reduces fat and cellulite throughout your body.
$65 With Special Plastic Wrap
$70 With Special Plastic Wrap & Compression
Fit N Fab 
Our special body wrap mixture is applied to the areas that need to be detoxed. Have cellulite or stubborn fat? This slimming wrap is for you! Covered with our special plastic. Can leave the spa with it on.  Cut after 2-4 hours.
$65 With Special Plastic Wrap
$70 With Special Plastic Wrap & Compression
Want to lose a few inches before a special event? Our Conture-N-Go Wrap is for you! Lose up to 4 inches or more each treatment.  Applied at the body spa, go about your day and cut off in 4 hours.
Stomach $85
Stomach & Thighs $115
Stomach & Arms  $115
Full Body $250.
SeaWeed Inches Loss & Anti- Cellulite Body Treatment
Seaweed Lotion are beneficial to the skin in several ways, so whether you’d like to drop excess skin after loosing weight or rid your body toxins, seaweed will do the trick. A special blend of seaweed and plant extrazctions that activate blood circulation while refining, detoxifying, nourishing and moisturizing the skin, rich in natural vitamins amino acidss, minerals and chlorophyll, has natural healing properties. An excellent treatment to metabolic stimulation of the skin. Ideal for cellulite or weight loss programs. A seaweed wrap helps to eliminate toxins from your body. Improves skin elasticity and regeneration, over time your skin loses the ability to stretch and return to normal. reduces cellulite and improves body contouring. $65
Cryo (Cold) & Thermal (Hot) Body Treatment
The heat generated by the use of Thermo-Active HOT Gel produces an interal effect in the body called TERMOLIPOLYSIS, which consists of the dissolution of fats (LIPOLYSIS) through heat (THERMAL) caused by the dialation vessel. Its continuous use ensures better blood circulation, whihc is diminished and insufficient in the fat deposits of the peripheral regions (hips,thighs, abdomen) where generally the temperature is lower, causing a dialtion vessel that facilitates the process of purification of the body achieving an effective reduction of its measurements and substantial improvements in cellulite processes. The generalized exposure of the body to cold (CRIOLIPOLYSIS) causes peripheal vasoconstrictions (chills) in order to maintian or regain body temperature wihin physiological limits. The cold has a tightening effect on the skin by stimulating the contraction of its elastic fibers and on the metabolism of fat, since it stimulates mechanisms that try to raise the temperature in the treated area, which leads to a faster elimination of toxins and a toning of tissues. $65
Aloe Body Wrap
The solution of Aloe Vera and natural USA herbs combined to penetrate through the protein wall that surrounds the fat cell and dissipate toxins from the fat cells into the bodys lymphatic system. Covered with a special plastic wrap and covered in heavy blan kets to relax in for 45 mins. $65
Body Clay Therapy With Sugar Scrub & Massage Oil
The clay body mask is an advanced development that works to reduce inches and cellulite, which is found directly below the surface of the skin. The Clay Body Mask removes toxins and impurities that have accumulated in the body, it also helps rid of the body of cellulite. Detoxifies the body, firms flabby tissue, exfoliates, smoothest and softens the skin. Wherever the fabric is flaccid and sagging, the mud will help firm, tone and further reduce size an cellularte. Many people use them fort the detox benefits, as well as inch loss and firming. Body Mud Mask is loaded with natural ingredients that work to detoxify, stimulate blood circulation and increase lymphatic movement to firm, detoxify and fight cellulite. $65

Mommy Makeover

One Skin Tightening Treatment – Mommy Makeover

60 min $55 and up

Using the Radio frequency we tighten up the skin in your abdominal area to achieve those tightening results. 



Ultrasound Cavitation

One Ultrasound Cavitation 

30 min $65 and up

Ultrasound Cavitation Is leading edge technology it converts fat cells into liquid which can then be naturally drained by the body’s own natural filtration system..The minimum suggested number of fat cavitation sessions is between 6 and 10. 



Buttocks Lifting Treatment

One Butt Lifting Treatment 

$70 and up

Butt Lifting Treatments is a 30-60 min treatment that may incorporate Wood Therapy, Vacuum Therapy or  Endermo Therapy to lift the buttocks area. Shaping and molding the target area to perfection 


One Cellulite Reduction Treatment

45 min $75 and up

(Post op-3 months~No Swelling)

This Treatment targets stubborn cellulite and fat deposits on areas of your concern. This treatment is non-invasive so you can go about your regular routine right after. A series of different machines will be used. One area only. Treatment times vary 



45 min $65 and Up

This revolutionary technology combines ultrasound, radio frequency and vacuum therapy for a highly potent body sculpting treatment.  It is an easy and highly effective non-surgical alternative for liposuction resulting in a loss of centimeters. Ultrasound accurately targets fat and cellulite, transmitting powerful sound energy pulses into the fat. This damages the fat cells, causing them to shrink. Radio frequency uses energy to heat the deeper layers of tissue, reducing the size of the fat cells, promoting collagen production and increasing blood flow. Vacuum therapy improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, smoothes the underlyng fat layers and increases elasticity. All three modalities work synergistically for effective fat removal, cellulite reduction, body shaping, and skin tightening.        

Endermo Therapy 

Endermo Therapy is a non-invasive, full body treatment that dramatically reduces cellulite, sculpts away, and reshapes all body types without pain or downtime! The results are undeniably visible and measurable. What does Endermo Therapy do?  This folding action gently lifts and rolls the connective tissue, freeing up blocked circulation and breaks down those stubborn fatty deposits. The whole process feels like a full body massage. Endermologie can target particular areas, rather than burning fat from anywhere on the body.